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Nhuma is a Consultancy-Lab dedicated to taking action within organizations, so that equity and performance go hand-in-hand. As passionate defenders of fairness and justice for humans within their environment, we are committed to making a palpable impact through our work, so that equity can become a visible truth.

Our goals


Nhuma goes from impactful slides to impacted lives. Our role is to guide organizations in the complex and multifaceted journey towards equity. Working hand-in-hand with our clients on the ground, we provide the necessary tools and strategies to transform your equity aspirations into tangible, meaningful, measurable outcomes.

We go beyond diversity and inclusion to build equity and belonging.

​​Your journey with Nhuma starts by understanding and acknowledging the existence of unique challenges within your organization, which we call Equity Gaps®. For each of these gaps, we provide comprehensive, long-term solutions, and make sure we monitor and evaluate their impact as we continue our work within your organization.

They’ve already made an impact

The Nhuma’s Way

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  • DO
  • SAY
Our methodology
equity gaps®, from

starting line

final stretch
01 BE

Exploration : Our approach begins with in-depth exploration to understand and define your values, principles and objectives. We dive into the nuances of your organization, meeting with your stakeholders, analyzing your internal processes and assessing your company culture. This diagnostic phase allows us to understand your specific needs and lay the foundations for significant change.


How to get there :

  • Cultural immersion and observation
  • Qualitative research and quantitative surveys
  • Benchmark & Best Practices
  • Awareness-raising workshops
02 DO

Transformation is at the heart of our method. We work closely with you to design and implement a comprehensive strategy to integrate diversity and inclusion into all aspects of your business. We believe in employee empowerment. We develop awareness and education programs for all levels of your organization, empowering everyone to play an active role in change. We also encourage employee participation through dedicated diversity and inclusion working groups, bringing your inclusive culture to life.


How to get there :

  • Internal training
  • Collective intelligence workshops
  • Events & Speaker Series
  • Team coaching
  • Internal communication
03 SAY

Communication is a keystone of our approach. We provide you the tools to communicate openly with relevant stakeholders about progress, challenges, and changes. This includes creating internal and external processes that promote diversity, while integrating these principles into your interactions with the outside world. We help you showcase your impact and transformation.


How to get there :

  • Internal guides / Glossaries / Lexicons
  • Manifesto / Charts (external)
  • Post-crisis situation
  • Leader coaching
  • Advisory board
Our team

Meet Fatou Ndiaye
Founder &
CEO of Nhuma

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything Fatou does. As the founder and driving force behind NHUMA, a leading consulting firm focused on corporate culture change, she helps organizations develop inclusive and equitable workplaces that foster growth, innovation, and success.

Through her work, Fatou has had the privilege of partnering with top companies across industries to design and implement innovative strategies that foster diversity, inclusion, and belonging. In addition, she is the founder of The Wonders, an NGO dedicated to advancing gender equality and empowering women in business. Through her initiatives and programs, she is working towards creating a more equitable world where women can thrive and reach their full potential.

NHUMA’s partners and ecosystems

« We have been working with Fatou for 2 years. Fatou helped us think strategically before creating a cross-cultural collaboration. Fatou’s advice really helped us make decisions. It was important for us that all Sezane teams could be trained by Fatou to be empowered and make a real impact. Everyone has grown immensely thanks to her. »

Marie Ferri
Global Marketing Director - Sézane